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We Are Thrive


We are passionate about the design of living, working and community environments that support the effective development of people, business and communities.

At the core of every project are the five principles of Thrive Architecture.

Principle One. Specific.

Every project is unique, tailored to the locality and built around your requirements. Through open client relationship and detailed brief development, we ensure understanding of every aspect of your requirements.

Principle Two. Creative.

We test, monitor and challenge ideas, developing innovative design solutions that address project requirements in an uncomplicated and pragmatic manner.

Principle Three. Wellbeing.

All Thrive projects are embedded with practices that maximise human wellbeing. Wellbeing in architecture shifts the focus beyond environmental impacts to those which affect human health and wellbeing. Built environments have the capacity to enhance our physical, mental, social, occupational and emotional wellbeing, providing benefits to building owners and users. We ensure all projects provide appropriate amenity including, access to natural light, appropriate artificial light, clean air, acoustic comfort, appropriate visual stimulation, movement opportunities and appropriate social opportunities.

Principle Four. Efficient.

In all Thrive projects, spatial and material efficiency is considered at every stage of the design process; ensuring waste in minimised. All elements of our projects are designed to add value and are tested against the project’s requirements for appropriateness.

Principle Five. Practical.

Designing for practicality ensures longevity whilst considering upfront and ongoing costs. Simplified design, robust materials and rationalisation of materials are key element of maintaining project budget and reducing ongoing maintenance.

Award Winning Architecture.