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Successful multiple dwelling housing is created by the integration of resident amenity, community activation and development commerciality.

Thrive Architecture offer significant expertise in multi-dwelling housing including dual occupancy, terrace housing, manor houses and apartments. Through site analysis and our detailed understanding of local authority requirements, BCA, SEPP 65 and the Low Rise Medium Density Code, we are able to efficiently establish site yields to assist in early stage due diligence; reducing development risk.

Our approach to resident amenity is not limited by compliance requirements, such as solar access and cross ventilation; we consider amenity from a ‘liveability’ viewpoint. We work hard to make every area of each residence add value, ensuring wasted space is eliminated. Thrive architectures detailed consideration of services, aspect, lighting, acoustic quality / privacy, storage and furnishing, greatly improve the experience for residents and creates a living experience that residents and developers can be proud of. In addition, we design for low maintenance, reducing ongoing expense and ensuring our multi-residential developments enhance the community for years to come.

Multi dwelling housing has the opportunity to create thriving communities. We strive to activate communities through the appropriate creation of spaces for chance and planned socialisation; minimising isolation and increasing human connection.